The Central Library of Nabajyoti College was established since the inception of the college as its integral part. Since the beginning it has continuously strived for growth and excellence and it now boasts of being a well equipped library enriched with more than 27,910 books. The Library is a registered member of the online database N-LIST under INFLIBNET Centre (Information and Library Network), Ahmedabad –IUC of UGC. Students are provided with a unique user name and password to access N-LIST, facilitated by the librarian. There are different sections inside the library viz. reading room section, stack area sections, periodical section, browsing section and reference section etc. It provides a strong support in terms of library and information services to its user’s fraternity within the campus. The library is open to the students, faculty and staff of the College. The library conducts user orientation programmes for the new students every year to make them familiar with its resources and functioning with the intention of optimal utilization. For guiding the users to initiate and adapt to newer and latest online platforms, the library has been taking initiative to produce comprehensive audio visual manuals from time to time.

The Central library has adopted the ILMS (SOUL2.0) wherein the database of all the book collection is converted to computerized format. The library regularly updates the bibliographic data as per the standard format. In an initiative to upgrade the existing infrastructure to adopt RFID technology the College library has installed the RFID gate to control the unauthorized movement of the books as RFID tags has been pasted in all the library books. Smart display has also been installed for the display of new arrivals and other information. RFID attendance and transaction system with RFID cards for the staff of the College is newly added to the Central Library and the same will be opened to the students very soon.

Institutional Repository of Central Library is linked to the college website: . Students can access the uploaded information, question paper etc from anywhere.

Library At a glance:

  • Name of the Library: Central Library, Nabajyoti College
  • Year of Establishment: 1971
  • Library Hour: Monday to Saturday 09:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Type of the Library: Academic
  • Library Circulation Hour: Monday to Friday 10:30 am to 3:00pm
  • Automation Software: SOUL2.0
  • Digital Library Software: DSpace

Library Users :

  • Teaching Staff: 44
  • Non-Teaching Staff: 17
  • Students: 1790

Inside the Library:

  • Computers: 07
  • RFID Attendance System: 01
  • RFID Card Reader : 01
  • RFID Gate : 01
  • Smart Display : 01
  • RFID staff Station :01
  • RFID Card Printer: 01
  • Document Printer: 01
  • Document scanner : 01
  • Book Scanner: 01
  • Photocopier: 01
  • Online UPS: 01
  • RO :01
  • CCTV :03
  • Vacuum Cleaner : 01
  • Barcode Reader: 01
  • Light: 22
  • Fan: 21

Best Practices:

Children Corner: It is a programme initiated by the Central Library of the College to encourage and in calculate reading habits among school students of the nearby locality. Under this programme every month a group of students from a nearby school accompanied by teachers are invited to visit the Central Library, Nabajyoti College wherein they are introduced to the Library and the plethora of book collection and their utility, usefulness, in the education system and how it is beneficial in their journey towards excellence.

Thought of The day: As a part of Best Practices, the library also takes the privilege of displaying the quotes of great persons in the banner “Thought of the Day” in front of the administrative building on daily basis.


  1. Books: 27910
  2. Periodicals : 08
  3. Daily Newspaper: 10
  4. Bound Volume of Newspaper: 20
  5. E Journal under NLIST: 6000
  6. E Books under NLIST : 31,35000
  7. Drinking Water (RO)
  8. OPAC (Online public access catalogue)
  9. Popular magazines/Journals
  10. Book Bank for BPL Students

Regular Services:

  1. Circulation-Issue/return of books
  2. Browsing corner
  3. Display of new arrivals through smart display
  4. RFID base attendance system
  5. Reading Room Service
  6. Reference Service including Digital Reference
  7. Reprographic Services
  8. Display of New Arrivals
  9. Scan copy of previous question papers.
  10. Bound Volumes of old newspapers.
  11. OPAC ( Online Public Access catalogue)
  12. Institutional Repository
  13. Book Bank facility
  14. Access to online e-resources through N-LIST and other Open Educational

Basic rules and regulations:

  1. Students with honours subject can borrow 3 nos. of books and regular students can borrow 2 nos. of books.
  2. Books are issued for a period of 15 days. After 15 days he/she can renew it.
  3. For library membership it is mandatory to fill and submit the library form.
  4. Proper college uniform and college I D card is must for entering the library
  5. Books issue/return will be done as per the predefined schedule of the library.

General Rules:

  1. Silence is must inside the library.
  2. Mobile phone in vibration or switch off mode only is permissible.

** Student cannot use Mobile phone in the Library by any means.

  1. Member shall not smoke or spit in any part of the library.
  2. While browsing books, no book should be replaced by the user on the stack themselves.
  3. Books once picked out from the stack should be left in the circulation desk if not issued out.
  4. The physical condition of the book should be checked while checking out. Mutilation of pages if found is to be brought to the notice of the circulation team officials. Otherwise, the borrower himself/herself shall be responsible for mutilation of the book if detected afterwards.
  5. Underlining, marking, folding of pages, etc. in the book is strictly prohibited.
  6. Upon any infringement of the library rules, members shall forfeit privileges of admission and membership of the library.
  7. The librarian reserves the right to suspend or delinquent membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.
  8. The members caught tearing of pages/stealing books or otherwise mutilating books will be suspended forthwith from using library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her by the College authority.

Different Sections of the Library:

  1. Stack Area Section
  2. Reference Section
  3. Circulation Section
  4. New Arrivals Display Section
  5. Periodicals Section
  6. Book Bank Section
  7. Internet Browsing Section

Circulation Time (Issue/Return):

DAY Classes Both Science and Arts
Monday TDC 1st / TDC 2nd / HS 1st
Tuesday TDC 3rd / TDC 4th /HS 2nd
Wednesday TDC 1st /TDC 6th / HS 1st
Thursday TDC 5th / TDC 2nd /HS 2nd
Friday TDC 3rd / TDC 4th
Saturday TDC 5th / 6th

Note: Library forms and cards will be distributed from 9 am to 12 am everyday

The above timings of the Library are subject to change from time to time which will duly be notified in the Notice Board of the Library/College.

Circulation Rules:

User Category Number of Books Issue Period No. of Renewals
HS Course 02 (Two) 15 Days 01 time
Bachelor Degree Course ( Honours) 03(Three) 15 Days 01 time
Bachelor Degree Course ( Regular) 02 ( Two) 15 days 01 time
Teaching Staff 10 (Ten) 60 days 02 times
Non Teaching Staff 05 (Three) 30 Days 01 time


Research Support Service:

Our Library provides a strong support to the researchers’ who are interested in publishing their research output in Quality based Journals, Books, etc. We also guide them on Plagiarism, on writing References, on checking citation; on publishing his/her research papers, on searching the Internet, and the availability of basic Internet E-Resources, etc.