It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to have a glance into the heart that beats behind the appealing façade of Nabajyoti College.I thank you for choosing this exceptional institution which has recorded four and  half decades of continuous development always striving for greater heights. In the course of its journey, it has accomplished much, making it one of the best colleges recognized for its excellence and therefore, much sought after by the fresh applicants.

Nabajyoti College provides a distinct environment that happily brings together sound academic achievement with and extensive, vibrant curricular program that includes science, humanities, sports and leadership training programs. Our mission is to inculcate the love of knowledge in our students and to provide them life skills towards a successful career, home and society. At Nabajyoti we are committed to develop knowledge citizens with multi-disciplinary global competencies and also to integrate in the students enabling virtues of truth, fairness, tolerance and co-operation that would teach them human values and social commitment. We aim at making them immensely capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism.

On the empirical level, the wide range courses that we offer will fulfill the requirements of students, be it for employment or for higher education. On the deeper level, we try to install the values of respect and trust in relationships that are the foundation of real success.At NJC, we don’t help the students to earn degrees merely; rather we enable them to grow. We believe that education is a holistic exercise and as such we try to give meaning to the world. We care for nurturing good human beings, making world citizens to meet the challenges of the world. So, we look at ourselves.

At the end, I should say that pursuit of excellence is article of faith with Nabajyoti. Subtle, polite understatement is the tone of the college and campus, as a whole is a visual metaphor of the majesty of simplicity. I wish you the best in the process of seeking to become a part of this family and to become a part of the great tradition of learning.