• All the students will have to pay Admission Fees and all the other fees at a time on the day of admission for the whole year
  • Students shall have to abide by the Rules and Regulations framed by the College Authority
  • Wearing College Uniform is mandatory during College hours (Classes, Examinations, College Week, Students’ Union Election, Freshmen Social, Seminar, Workshop, Independence Day, Republic Day etc.)
  • Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited within the College Campus.
  • As par the verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, Ragging is absolutely banned. Anybody found involving/indulging in ragging shall be punished.
  • Students damaging College properties, playing truancy and loitering hither and thither shall seriously be dealt with.
  • Students shall not be allowed to enter the College Campus with their motor bikes or cars beyond the parking shed of the College where they are to park their vehicles in a disciplined way.
  • All have to ensure pollution-free atmosphere inside the Campus.
  • Boarders of both the Boys’ and Girls’ Hostels shall have to follow the Hostel Rules designed by the College Authority


Every student must have at least 75% attendance in his/her classes otherwise he/she will lose studentship as par AHSEC and GU Rules.

College Uniform

Categories                                 Colour 

a.   Shirt & Kamij  :              Pink with  long white stripe

b.   Dopatta            :           Pink with cream shade

c. Long Pant & Salwar  :           Creamy ash

d. Shoes   :                            Black

e. Coat & Sweater            :           Coffee

f.  Tie       :           Red with NJC Logo