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Induction Programme

Kalgachia, August 1st, 2023:

An Induction programme for the students of HS First Year and BA/BSc 1st Semester was organized by the college authority. The programme was organized with the purpose to orient the students and to enlighten them with the rules and regulations of the college and also the associated duties of the students.

The programme started with the inaugural speech of Prof. Sushil Kumar Sarkar, Vice-Principal, Nabajyoti College, Kalgachia. Benefitting speeches were delivered by other faculties of the College like Prof. Kumaruzzaman, Prof. Saheb Uddin Khan, Prof. Azizur Dewan, Prof. Mozibor Rahman, Prof. Abdul Halim, Dr. FakhrulAlom, Dr. DebashisSaikia, Dr. Hemanta Hazarika, Prof. Bitupan Deka, Prof. Munni Bora and Prof. Taslema Begum. After the delivery of valuable speeches by the faculty members, feedbacks also collected from the students. Finally, the programme come to an end with the concluding statements given by Prof. Sushil Kumar Sarkar, Vice-Principal, Nabajyoti College, Kalgachia

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