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National Science Day

Theme: Indigenous Technology for Viksit Bharat

Cheering the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir C.V. Raman in 1928, Nabajyoti College organised National Science Day at the College premises with a lecture series cum model and poster competition for students on 28th of February, 2024 at the Conference Hall at 11.30 AM.

The event was inaugurated with lighting lamps by Dr. Shahjahan Ali Ahmed, Principal, Nabajyoti College along with invited dignitaries and resource persons. The students as well as the faculty members also paid homage to Sir C.V. Raman at the event. The formal celebration ceremony was presided over by Kumruzzaman, Assoc. Prof. and HoD, Department of Physics.

The formal meeting was hosted by DrHemanta Hazarika, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Chemistry. The program started with the felicitation of the dignitaries with Fulam Gamusas. The inaugural address was offered by Dr. Shahjahan Ali Ahmed, Principal, of Nabajyoti College. He talked about the cultivation of scientific temperament among the students. Following his valuable words, Dr.Pradhyut Rajkumar, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Physics illustrates the significance and the remarkable contribution of Sir C.V. Raman. Sushil Kumar Sarkar, Assoc. Prof. and HoD, Dept. of Zoology motivated the students with his valuable words.

The invited talk was delivered by Dr. S. Sheikh, Retd. Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Zoology, Nabajyoti College. He talked about the remarkable contribution of Indian Scientists in different areas of Science and the growth of indigenous technologies in India. Later, Dr.Atrayee Banaspati and Dr. Gautomi Gogoi, Asst. Prof.s, Dept. of Chemistry delivered their speeches on the growth of Indian contribution in the scientific field with a special emphasis on space technology. The students from different departments demonstrate the projects and models expressing their interest in the field of innovation. The invited speakers appreciate the students for their beautiful presentations. Kumruzzaman, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Physics concludes the formal meeting with his concluding remarks. The vote of Thanks was offered by Dr.Debashis Saikia, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Physics.

The celebration of National Science Day in 2024 not only served as a platform to reflect on India’s rich scientific heritage but also as a catalyst for fostering a vibrant ecosystem of science and innovation. By igniting the passion for science among the youth minds, the nation reaffirmed its commitment to harnessing the power of science and technology for building a sustainable future.

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