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Book Exhibition organized by Central Library

The Nabajyoti College, Kalgachia, in collaboration with a renowned Global Publishing House, successfully organized a vibrant book exhibition on March 1st & 2nd, 2024, at D. B.,Room No. 03 of the College.

The event was graced by the presence of the college’s esteemed Principal, who inaugurated the exhibition, setting the tone for a literary celebration. His insightful remarks highlighted the importance of reading and the role of such exhibitions in fostering a culture of learning.

Merina Ahmed, Librarian of Nabajyoti College, delivered a warm and engaging welcome address to the attendees. She expressed gratitude to the Global Publishing House for their collaboration and emphasized the significance of the exhibition in promoting a diverse range of literature to the college community and beyond.

The exhibition showcased a vast array of books spanning various genres, from academic publications to fiction and non-fiction works. Students and faculty had the opportunity to explore the latest publications and discover valuable resources that complemented their academic pursuits.

Book Review competition was also organized among the students .The dynamic atmosphere fostered intellectual curiosity and encouraged meaningful conversations around literature.

The collaboration between Nabajyoti College and the Global Publishing House not only enriched the reading culture within the college but also strengthened the ties between academia and the publishing industry. This successful event exemplified the college’s commitment to nurturing a holistic educational environment that extends beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

In conclusion, the Nabajyoti College Book Exhibition in collaboration with the Global Publishing House proved to be a commendable initiative that contributed to the intellectual growth of the college community. The event was a testament to the power of literature in fostering knowledge, creativity, and community engagement.

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