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Interaction session, Rashika Islam

Interaction Session- Route to Success

Organised by

Career Counselling & Guidance Cell,

Nabajyoti College, Kalgachia.

Dated: 27.01.2024

An interaction session for the students of Nabajyoti College was organised by the Career Counselling & Guidance Cell of Nabajyoti College. As a speaker, Mrs. Rasika Islam, ACS Topper, 2022 batch was invited to the programme to share her experience about her ACS journey and also to motivate and guide the students for the APSC exam preparation.

The principal of the college, Dr. Shahjahan Ali Ahmed presided over the meeting.  Colonel Shahidul Islam, the father of Rasika Islam, Dr. Surman Ali, Retd Assistant Professor of the Department of History of Nabajyoti College and the Vice Principal of the college, Sushil Kumar Sarkar were also present in the programme.

Colenel Shahidul Islam delivered his short yet valuable speech to the students about his journey which was quite motivating for the students. The main speaker of the programme, Rasika Islam delivered a valuable speech about her exam preparation and how one could attain success in this competitive examination. She also had an interaction session with the students where she cleared the various doubts of the students regarding the exam. She advised that planning, preparation and self-belief are the keys to success in life. The programme was hosted by Dr. FakhrulAlom, HoD, Pol. Science. The vote of thanks was given by Abu SayadRofi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English.

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