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International Older Persons Day

Date: 1 October 2023

Venue: Conference Hall, Nabajyoti College, Kalgachia

Participants: Senior citizens, Faculty, Students


International Older Persons Day, observed on October 1st every year, is a momentous occasion dedicated to appreciating and recognizing the invaluable contributions made by older persons in society. Nabajyoti College, a beacon of education and community engagement, organized a vibrant event to commemorate this significant day. The event showcased the wisdom, experience, and vitality of the elderly, emphasizing their vital role in shaping the fabric of our society.

Event Overview:

The event, hosted in the Conference Hall of Nabajyoti College, was attended by a diverse gathering of students, faculty, local residents, and esteemed guests. The vibrant atmosphere was a testament to the college’s commitment to fostering intergenerational connections and celebrating the rich tapestry of life experiences. The event was chaired by Dr. Shahjahan Ali Ahmed, Principal, Nabajyoti College (NJC), Kalgachia with Dr. Nazrul Islam, Superintendent of Barpeta Civil Hospital, Kalgachia as the chief guest.

Activities and Programs:

  1. Inaugural Ceremony:

The event commenced with an inaugural ceremony graced by local dignitaries and esteemed guests composed felicitation with a gamusa. The inaugural speech was delivered by Kumaruzzaman (coordinator of the event), HoD & Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Physics, NJC. The college’s Principal, Dr. Shahjahan Ali Ahmed, delivered an eloquent address highlighting the significance of older persons in our society and the responsibility of younger generations towards their welfare.

  1. Panel Discussions:

Engaging panel discussions were organized, featuring experts from various fields, including geriatrics, psychology, and social work. Dr. Nazrul Islam spoke on various mental and physical diseases like skin problems, tuberculosis, diabetes, and cancer due to ageing and their respective remedies. He further elaborated on the importance of having a healthy mental state more than a physical state for maintaining a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. Maintaining a joyful state of mind after the age of 60 is essential as it impacts the overall health of the individual. The panels explored topics such as health and wellness in later life, intergenerational communication, and strategies for addressing the challenges faced by older persons. He further emphasized the gravity of studying various spiritual books, novels, and newspapers that keep a person vibrant.

The discussion advanced with the speech of Surman Ali, Retd. HoD & Assoc. Prof., Dept. of History, NJC, in which he highlighted the importance of following a routine even after retirement.

  1. Storytelling Sessions:

Intergenerational storytelling sessions brought together older individuals and young faculty members to share personal anecdotes, experiences, and life lessons. These sessions served as a bridge between generations, fostering mutual understanding and empathy.

  1. Valedictory Session:

The valedictory speech delivered by Sushil Kr. Sarkar, Academic In-charge, NJC, advised the formation of a committee to look after various activities like the arrangement of routine medical checkups, awareness programs etc. for the provision of aid to senior citizens of the society.

  1. Vote of Thanks:

The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr.Hemanta Hazarika, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Chemistry, NJC.


Nabajyoti College’s celebration of International Older Persons Day was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of intergenerational connections and the invaluable contributions of older individuals. The event catalyzed positive change, inspiring a renewed sense of respect, empathy, and appreciation for the elderly in the community. Through engaging activities and meaningful interactions, the college exemplified its commitment to nurturing a society that values and cherishes the wisdom and experiences of older persons. This celebration stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and compassionate future for all generations.


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