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Career guidance Programme, organised by IQAC

Kalgachia, 9th Oct:

A career guidance programme was organised by the IQAC, Nabajyoti College, in collaboration with District Employment Exchange, Barpeta. The Vice-Principal of Nabajyoti College and HoD, Deptt of Zoology, Sushil Kumar Sarkar presided over the programme. The Academic Observer and HoD, Deptt. of Physics, Kumaruzzaman was also present in the meeting.  All the faculties of the college and students were present in the programme. Two resource persons from the District Employment exchange office, Barpeta were invited to the programme. Biswajit Nath, Assistant Employment Officer was present in the programme as the key speaker. Mr Nath discussed about the importance of employment registration, which is the first step for anyone applying for govt. jobs. He also stressed the importance of entrepreneurship, rather than just focusing on govt. jobs. He quoted that almost 20 lakh job seekers are currently unemployed and the government would not be able to provide job security to all of them. In this scenario, finding sources to be self-employed has become a necessity and this has been supported by the government through various schemes. Also, he provided his valuable suggestions regarding preparation of APSC, SSC, Banking and other competitive jobs. He provided a list of various books that would be helpful for competitive exam preparations. Focusing on the female students present in the programme, he discussed the importance of women’s empowerment and how being financially independent is equally important for females.  In the end, there was an interactive session between the students present in the programme and Mr Nath, where he resolved all the queries brought by the students regarding getting financially able. Also, Hirakjyoti Saud, Junior Assistant of the District Employment Exchange Office, Barpeta was present in the programme. Prof. Kumaruzzaman, HoD Physics and Academic Observer presented his valuable speech to the students on how to excel in one’s career. All the faculties of the college and students were present in the programme. The concluding speech of the programme was given by Vice-Principal of Nabajyoti College & Academic In-Charge, Sushil Kumar Sarkar. The vote of thanks was given by Dr Hemanta Hazarika, Asst. Prof., Dept. Of Chemistry.

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